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We offer different services to meet the needs of our patients, in each of the different stages of their life from early childhood to the adult.

About us

Our clinic SOMAT was established after 18 years experience as physiotherapists, working in the clinical and training areas .We trained in various different therapeutic methods: Osteopathy, Myofascial Induction Techniques –MIT©-, Pre and Perinatal Therapy, Neurodynamics, Clinical Psyconeuroimmunology –PNIc.

Thanks to the studying of these various methods, it allows us to be very specific with the need and demands that each patient requires at each session.

At SOMAT we offer each patient the support necessary, through listening and giving space when needed, so that the patient finds their well-being and balance restored.

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    Magdalena Torrecillas Peralta

    Magdalena Torrecillas Peralta

    Physiotherapist. Collegiate member of the ICOFCV with number 1189

    Master in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy. Specialist in Myofascial Induction Therapy-MIT©- and Specialist in Pre-Perinatal Therapy.

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    Jacobo Martínez Cañadas

    Jacobo Martínez Cañadas

    Physiotherapist. Collegiate member of the ICOFRM with number 660

    Specialist in Osteopathy, Manual Therapy and Myofascial Induction Technique –MIT©-. Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physiatry. University Teacher

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    Julia Torrecillas Peralta

    Julia Torrecillas Peralta

    Optician-optometrist. Collegiate no. 17627 (COORM)

    Degree in Optical Optometrist from the University of Murcia (2005). Expert in Advanced Clinical Optometry. European University of Madrid (2007).

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    Our Advantages

    Personalized treatments
    All out treatments are personalized.
    In a cosy environment
    You will feel comfortable in our centre
    University Qualified Therapists
    All treatments are provided by University Qualified Therapists
    Training Courses
    We organise different training programs
    Wide Experience
    Certified experienced therapists
    Therapeutic Objectives
    We set goals to achieve good results
    "Discover who you are, but don’t be held back by any definition. Change as many times as necessary to live in the totality of your being. "
    Claudio Naranjo


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    "Early experience shape the structure and function of the brain. This reveals the fundamental way in which gene expression is determined by experiences".
    Daniel J. Siegel