We will follow and support the different stages, from the prenatal period, through pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, early childhood, childhood and adolescence.

You will have the support and respective attentive listening of the therapist throughout the process .

The needs of both the baby/child and the parents will always be taken care of, giving the support and space necessary to create a secure protective environment.

Prenatal Period

The health of both the parents will be important at the conception stage. In many cases we can influence the degree of stress, physical and emotional dysfunctions of future parents, where present. At SOMAT we will work on the gynaecological system; the treatment of adhesions and dysfunctions of the uterus secondary to endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, surgeries and balancing of the pelvis and the cranio sacral system.

The approach will be directed at the couple, both the future mother and father.


The mother’s body is subjected to great physical, physiological and emotional changes.

The development of the fetus and the increase in its size makes the mother have to adapt dynamically and constantly to the changes that the body itself demands. Therefore, posture, movement and even the static form (the musculoskeletal system) are altered.

The dynamic of the growth during the pregnancy between the baby and the mother can be facilitated by our professionals at SOMAT with adequate follow up, attending to the possible difficulties that may arise during this period, for example; digestive or breathing difficulties, sciatica, spinal pain, pelvic congestion or swelling of the legs.

Through this professional assistance the baby can develop in the best possible way inside the mother’s womb (which will be its “Home” for the next 9 months) allowing the baby to obtain all its needs –space, safety, oxygen and nutrients, therefore creating a proper attachment to the mother.

Pre-Perinatal Therapy and its principles, which were established by Dr. Ray Castellino, will be considered and included by our professionals, to bring support and also emotional attachment during follow up for the whole family. (Mother and Father, Brother / sister) and the baby, thereby creating a healthy emotional attachment.


The baby will make its way through the pelvis of its mother where a good balance of the bone, ligament, and myofacial structure will be essential.

Any interruption during the natural and physiological process of giving birth will create a physical and emotional impact on both the baby and the mother.

Caesarean section
Fetal suffering
Long / fast labour and delivery
Premature rupture of the bag
Epidural or any type of anaesthetic
Premature birth
Forceps / suction cup

Adequate prevention treatment could reduce all these interventions.

Breast Feeding

We will work together to achieve problem free breast feeding , so  that any difficulties that could arise at this stage, such as nipple crack or breast pain, problems in sucking, mastitis, insufficient or excessive milk production can be taken into consideration and also giving the mother the emotional support required at all times .

Early Childhood

How do we work with the baby?

The presence of both the father and mother and the baby will be ideal when starting our work together.

The sessions will take place taking into account the needs and preferences of the parents and of the baby, providing the support necessary.

The treatment for the baby is carried out by using very soft contact, without any pain or discomfort, with the intention of identifying the restrictions or dysfunctions present.

The importance of approaching and treating any alterations in the baby, like; problems with sucking, inconsolable crying, hypersensitivity, colic, asymmetries, congenital torticollis, sleep difficulties, will help to make the baby develop normally at this time and in the following stages of its life .

Infancy and early childhood

Through treatment there will be improvement in learning, literacy, in the visual field, with breathing and the airways (during the sleep cycle). Improvements with breast feeding and chewing , as well as the emotional bonds will e the benefits to the child , helping to reduce and prevent future difficulties .

Our work philosophy will be present and maintained throughout all the stages of treatment.