I finished my Physiotherapy studies in 2001 (Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia –UCAM-).

I trained in Osteopathy at the School of Osteopathy of Madrid (2001-2004) and studies as a Master of Osteopathy and Manual Therapy at the Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia UCAM- (2006-2008).

More than 20 years developing my teaching activity at the university (UCAM).

I am a teacher of different postgraduate degree courses in Osteopathy and Manual Therapy (European University of Madrid, Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia, Osteopathic School of Milan).

I am completely trained in Myofascial Induction, TUPIMEK-(Level 1,2,3 and a postgraduate Specialization in Somato-Emotional) and I am also the training coordinator in Myofascial Induction Technique -MIT©-, TUPIMEK –headquarters Murcia from 2010 to the present.

I have participated in numerous congresses and conferences of Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy.

I currently work at SOMAT where I have been co-director since 2006.