Our first contact with Fascial therapy was in 2006 with Professor Andrzej Pilat- the creator of the Myofascial Induction Technique – MIT as referenced in the study of Fascia. It was from there that our "Passion" for Fascia emerged.

At Somat Clinic we have completed the entire training provided by Professor Pilat- School of Myofascial Technique TUPIMEK- including the postgraduate specialization in Somato-Emotional Release.

What is Fascia?

The continuity of the fascial tissue or rather the fascial system, allows it to act as an integral element, thus allowing communication with other body systems. The "fascia" is present in the musculoskeletal system but also in all other systems; respiratory, nervous, digestive, circulatory-cardiovascular, genitor-urinary, immune, hormonal.

Dysfunctions in the Fascial system can generate limitations in the functions of the body systems and produce pain. Therefore myofascial therapy could provide enormous benefits in the patient. Through a good use of this system (fascial tissue) it will allow the optimal development of body dynamics (movement in all areas, tissue, and systems) - this being fundamental in the maintenance of health as well as in the recovery of dysfunctions or pathologies.

What is Myofascial Induction?

At our clinic we are committed to the use of Myofascial Induction Technique – MIT©-.

Professor Andrzej Pilat, the creator of this method of therapy, defines MIT as "a method of evaluation and treatment where three-dimensional movement and sustained pressure are used throughout the fascial system, to eliminate restrictions".

Therefore, in many situations, our patients (at all stages of life) may benefit from myofascial therapy. This includes; sports injury, respiratory disorders, pelvic floor disorder, pregnancy and postpartum, sleep disorders, dysfunctions of the nervous systems (central and peripheral), circulatory system (lymphedema), digestive system.